About us

Have you ever attended a class and everyone moves at such a quick pace that you don’t get a chance to experiment with the techniques to achieve the ultimate finished project. 

Or you realise half way through that you forgot your favourite pen or ink and no one in the class has it for you to borrow. 

Or alternatively if you are like me and have two very young kids, it is just plain hard to get out sometimes to the classes you want to attend on the days they are available, not to mention distance as well….

Well that is where my ‘Self pace’ kits come in!  You are provided with everything you need to create the finished project, including video (premier kits) and written step by step instructions.  Whilst the video is in a sped up mode, you can always pause to complete each step at your own pace!  Kits without video will include step by step pictures of techniques where needed as well.

At Scrappy Chat Designs we specialise in fun kits taking you out of your comfort zone creating with new or different techniques to individualise your papercrafting.   

Premier kits come complete with video and step by step written instructions included to complete the main project.  Included will also be pictures of additional projects you can complete with left over product from the kit.  Each kit will teach you a technique as well as provide you with tools such as screens, stamps, sprays (each kit will vary) that you can keep to individualise your future projects. 

Kits will generally be released monthly, however stay tuned for our next few kits to be uploaded as the finishing touches are added.  Kits are limited so when they are sold out there is generally no replacement. 

If there is ever a technique or product you would like to see included on an upcoming kit, please contact us at orders.scrappychatdesigns@gmail.com and we will endeavour to meet your request.


  1. I can't believe I have only just Found You, but so Excited that I have. I just Adore Kits and Your Metallic Melts look AWESOME. I am going Back for a Look around Your Site, bur Already know from The Little I have seen that I will be Placing an Order. Wonderful Store. Best Regards, Beverley.........

    1. Thanks for your beautiful comments Beverly, the team works very hard to inspire and educate. We look forward to hearing from you xxx