Thursday, 6 March 2014

Wild & Free

Hullo there. It's Heather here again. I hope your week has been a good one so far.

I have my second layouts made using Scrappy Chat Design's new Soaking It Up kit to show you. Some of the papers in this kit are from Glitz Design's Wild & Free range. In my layout, the name of the papers became the name of my layout.

Included with the kit this month is some coloured wire which is fortunate as it's exactly what I needed to make the title. I copied the font and design of the brand name.

Here it is up close. I've put this pic in sideways so it's easier to see.

It was really easy to make the words as the wire is so soft to work with. If you've never worked with wire before then here's a brief step by step.

Step 1

If you can get hold of a pair of jewellery pliers it will make working with wire much easier. First, pull out the length of wire you want. It will have been stored on a roll or similar so just straighten it out as best you can between your fingers.

Step 2

Hold the wire with your pliers at the point you want to bend the wire and just bend it around the tip of the pliers.

Step 3

Continue to hold and bend the wire to form the letters then cut the wire when you're done. 

The hardest part is attaching the letters to the page. You'll need to use a clear drying glue with a fine nozzle. It's also an option to stitch or staple it to the page, depending on what your design is and what you're attaching it to.

In the picture below you can see the brand name design. I've added three of them from the strip at the bottom of the papers to reiterate the Wild & Free theme. One of the Kaisercraft stamps that are also in the kit was perfect for forming the row of triangles under the name in my title.

I also used the wire to form some hearts and used the heart from the sticker sheet as well. The borders around the photos are made with one of the stamps. I just inked up only the parts of the stamp that I wanted to use and carefully stamped around my photos. If I was only using one photo I would have done my stamping before I adhered the photos to the page but this was a bit tricky with four photos.

I used a third stamp, again one of the ones in the kit, to create the black drip marks on the right of the page. I wanted to accentuate the look of the page fading from dark to light as you look across the page. I used the wood grain stamp to add a black border to the right hand side then I took the drippy stamp, inked it in black ink, than applied it at random spaces and lengths along that edge. This gave the effect of more paint drips adding to what was already on the paper.

I love this 'drippy' paper and wanted to show it off. It's also quite a busy paper so I kept my embellishments to a minimum to allow the paper to shine.

Thanks for joining me. I hope you can drop back in on Sunday when Sandra shows you what she has made.


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