Sunday, 27 April 2014

It's All About The Techniques.

Hi! It's Heather here. I hope you had a wonderful long weekend.

Today I'd like to share a post that's all about techniques. I'm using the April Scrappy Chat Designs kit. This page is a little less embellished than I would normally create, however I wanted to clearly show you the different techniques that you can use with this kit. I didn't want to hide the techniques with embellishments!

Firstly, my layout:

Now I'll show you all the different techniques I used to make that background.

1. Use a circle cutter to cut three circles in an old piece of paper.

2. Place the paper over your background cardstock and spray the irRESISTibles spray through the circles.

3. Your background should now look like this.

4. Trace a circle onto your plasters tape and cut it out. Use the self adhesive backing to stick it to a stamping block. Now use this as a stamp to add textural circles to your background.

5. Punch circles in scrap paper and apply ink through these circles onto your background.

6. Make smaller mesh circles by punching them out. Use these as stamps again but also add the coloured, punched circles directly to the page.

7. Cut circular shapes so that one fits inside another with a bit of space between. Sit them on your background so the new circles overlap parts of others. Attach with temporary adhesive it it helps. Apply clear VersaMark ink then add Tinby Metallic Melts. Remove the papers and heat the Melts.

8. The result should be something like this.

9. I then roughly outlined all the circular elements twice with a black pen.

I then added a title and fussy cut a few images from the papers to use as embellishments. I also use ink through one of the patterns on the stencil to create the border.

A few close ups of the finished layout:



  1. great techniques Heather & yet so simple..Thanx for the inspiration Cheers Val :-)

  2. I really enjoyed seeing this ....made more 'sense' of your page....very clever, as always:):) TFS!!!

  3. I really love this technique, thanks for sharing because it looks fantastic.

  4. great techniques Heather!
    Loving those tips.. and will definitely be using that plasterers tape as stamps in the future.. super tip!
    great post. :-)

  5. I knew there was more to this.. love the mesh circle stamp.. very clever tips here!

  6. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments ladies!

  7. Fabulous page Heather and great explanation of the techniques used!!! Super page and a super post!! ox